About Us

metanoia develops technological solutions for real-estate entrepreneurs and buyers

Our company was founded after two years of intensive development process.

At that time, somewhere in 2013, the term Virtual Reality was perceived as inaccessible, futuristic, and was associated with computer games and military uses. Additionally, the real estate marketing – one of the most developed markets in the world – continued to ask customers to “imagine” their future property, while they were making one of the most crucial decisions of their lives – buying a house.

Learning from past experiences, we noticed a gap between buyers’ expectations and reality that can damage the overall purchase experience. Their ability to imagine their future homes depends on so many variables, that until today it was deemed impossible to obtain proper solutions.
Our development team consists of tech experts, marketing specialists, real-estate professionals and designers, and was assembled to provide clients with accessibility to architectural plans, specifications and numerical data. We offer a one of a kind, professional and realistic experience of 3d visualization like no other in the growing world of real estate marketing.

metanoia is a pioneer in the field of VR and stands in the forefront of VR simulations for real-estate projects. Our main goal is providing clients with the most innovative, effective and highest quality products in the real-estate market today, that will remove any doubts that might crop up while building a house and will intensify the overall purchase experience.