4 Benefits of Using VR to Sell Real Estate

Picture the hardest sales to make in the real estate game. New builds and remodels, especially for long-distance clients or high-end shoppers, probably come to mind.  

Clients in these markets are understandably particular about their needs. It’s hard to picture an un-built home based on a mockup alone, and every detail of a re-design must be just right for a homeowner to feel, well…at home.

Technology like metanoia’s can help ease the burden on these aspects of your business. Sure, many companies use 360-degree views created from photographs of existing properties to allow shoppers to “look around” a home before they visit, but the only thing shoppers can control is the direction they look in the photograph.

But metanoia’s VR technology allows shoppers to walk around a virtual rendering of new builds autonomously (through VR glasses, of course, or even with a standard PC). As they freely explore this realistic, immersive rendering, they can also customize features with the push of a button—before they buy or commit to anything.  

We’ve compiled four of the many benefits of investing in VR to make selling new builds and completing re-designs easier than ever.


  • Create more effective prospect lists


When you sell new builds, it’s crucial to meet clients’ needs: they might request four bedrooms, high-end countertops, and a modern design, for example. But some needs are subjective, and clients may have deal-breakers (or deal-makers) that you won’t know about until the project is underway.    

To avoid post-build and post-redesign dissatisfaction, walk your clients through a home right in your office using VR goggles. That way, they can spot both red flags and green ones in their new home and make adjustments in real-time—before building begins.


  • Save clients (and yourself) time


Your clients are busy people. Instead of taking them on trip after trip to visit their new home for every update, allow them to customize everything from floors to furniture colors in one sitting. A single trip to the office can gain them access to hundreds of design options and a realistic walk-through experience in a single pair of VR goggles or with a standard PC.  


  • Sell homes before building begins


New development can be very lucrative, but it can also be frustrating for agents. Floor plans are great, but they don’t tell the story of a home. Buyers want to feel and see that story. They want to experience it.

New homes are a profitable but difficult sell. Make it easier by employing the help of an engaging VR experience of the soon-to-be building.  This lets buyers get to know the layout, floor plan, and personality of the space in a more hands-on way. In short, VR can eliminate the hesitancy in buying something that doesn’t yet exist.


  • Let clients customize before a sale


metanoia’s technology is more than a modern touring mechanism for new builds. It’s also a design tool that eliminates in-person shopping stress. New property owners and re-designers can choose design elements, flooring, furniture, and much more—without leaving your office.  

That’s great for easy decoration post-sale, but it can also be helpful for the many clients who need to picture themselves (and their stuff) in a home to feel comfortable taking the leap. Let them customize a new build property with designs, floors, and furniture that suit their style. This helps them connect with the space and also ensures that they’ll have everything exactly as they like it before building begins.


Think metanoia’s state-of-the-art VR platform for real estate would help you bolster your business and streamline your selling process? Get in touch with us today to talk about how these benefits and others can transform the way your corporate or residential real estate business works.

Israeli company promises to revolutionize real-estate with virtual-reality technology

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