Metanoia - design of Private Sector

Metanoia’s team members will accompany you throughout the process of building and designing your property, and by using our technology you will be able to easily explore your future home. metanoia turns a convoluted process into a simple experience.

היתרונות שלנו

How it works

First step

Introductory meeting and characterization of the project

Second step

Obtaining architectural plans from the client

Third step

Modelling the project and visualizing it in VR

Fourth step

Receiving preliminary approval from the client

Internal Design

We invite you to design your dream house – our team of designers is available for you 24/7


Introductory meeting

Getting to know a designer that will accompany you throughout every step of the process



Get design advices from our leading internal design team – whether it’s about choosing the right general design for you or creating specific modifications


Live Presentation

Internal designs and many other options are displayed on the spot, without any unnecessary delays


Feeling your future home

Metanoia’s clients get to experience their future homes by independently exploring their projects

Using various technologies

Standard Keyboard and Mouse

Design your home using standard keyboard and mouse


Feel the interactive features of your virtual design

Computer, Laptop and Touchscreen

Design your house anytime and anywhere using mobile devices

VR Headsets

Experience the technology in its full intensity

Our Agenda

metanoia allows you to create your dream house using the most advanced technology

Michael Reznik


Metanoia enables you to feel your future home. Explore your future property, independently and comprehensively


Metanoia allows you to design your custom-made ideal space, by choosing from a variety of internal design options


Metanoia provides you with full information on any specification available, costs and design advices – all in a click of a button