3d rendering for architectural visualization

When you present a construction project to potential clients, investors or authorities, you ceaselessly repeat the words: “imagine that”. So imagine that these words are no longer needed. In metanoia, we use the most advanced 3D technologies in the market to highlight the advantages of your property in real-time, without any limitations and with complete support from our team members.

Our advantages

How it works

First step

Introductory meeting and characterization of the project

Second step

Obtaining architectural plans from the client

Third step

Modelling the project and visualizing it in vr real estate – 3d rendering services

Fourth step

Receiving preliminary approval from the client

Fifth step

Submitting the final product and showcasing it.
Guidance and support will be given 24/7

Like no other

metanoia invites you to market your real-estate project in an innovative and unprecedented way!


Panorama 360°


Maneuvering space

360° experience enables you to look at a ready-made circular image by rotating your head. However, metanoia invites you to explore your property independently and without any movement limitations


Panorama 360°


Altering specifications in real-time

360° experience limits the user to a fixed image and its features, while metanoia's program allows you to alter specifications in real-time and intuitively


Panorama 360°


Exploring the project

In 360° experience, the visual angle of the image is limited to predefined areas. By using metanoia's program, you could wander around and explore the project from any angle possible and by various means: walking, driving, overview and drone


Panorama 360°


Operation platform

In 360° experience, the operation platform is limited to VR headsets alone. However, in metanoia we offer several operation platforms depending on our clients' needs: keyboard and mouse, touchscreen, joystick and VR headsets.


Panorama 360°


Creating videos and pictures

Unlike 360° experience, metanoia's program allows you to create high quality videos and pics out of the selected design. You could even share them on social media

You can get it all

VR app of your property

Your proprty presented in an interactive, exciting and practical VR visualization

Unlimited amount of photos in 4K quality

Capture any angle, each time with a different design. High quality photos for billboards

Unlimited amount fly through videos

Produce as many videos as you want of the property for marketing use or for your client to take home

Custom fly through video

Tell us what you want to show and we will customise a video just for you in 4K quality.

Custom UI menu

We will customize your menu to fit your marketing and selling needs.

Quick upload of video and photos to social media

Let your client share their future home with all their followers

Staff training

We will train your team to use and operate our application.

Branded USB flash drive to give your clients

The gift that keeps on giving, Now your client can experience his future home anytime anywhere.

Technical support 24/7

We will be at your side for all technical needs. Software and hardware.

Accompanying clients throughout every stage of the project


Characterization of the project

Illustrating the property in VR


Building your property

Flexibility in design and structural changes


Sales and marketing phase 

Our clients can easily and interactively access their properties

Using various technologies

Standard Keyboard and Mouse

Design your home using standard keyboard and mouse


Feel the interactive features of your virtual design

Computer, Laptop and Touchscreen

Design your house anytime and anywhere using mobile devices

VR Headsets

Experience the technology in its full intensity

Our Agenda

metanoia allows you to create your dream house using the most advanced technology

Michael Reznik


metanoia enables you to feel your future home. Explore your future property, independently and comprehensively


metanoia allows you to design your custom-made ideal space, by choosing from a variety of internal design options


metanoia provides you with full information on any specification available, costs and design advices – all in a click of a button


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