Social Responsibility

Metanoia is an Israeli leading company in providing virtual reality solutions for real-estate projects.

Our innovative technological tools and professional marketing strategy, place metanoia in the forefront of virtual reality services in Israel.

Consequently, we – metanoia’s management team and staff – have decided to take social responsibility in addition to our responsibility for our clients.

According to Central Bureau of Statistics data published in 2014, Israeli women are typically paid less than men in the same occupation. While the full-time average monthly earnings for women are 7,438 NIS, the full-time average earnings for men are roughly 11,114 NIS. There is in fact a pay gap of more than 30% that stems solely from gender discrimination.

metanoia company believes that it is possible to combine social justice and occupational productivity, but only when there is complete gender equality. This form of equality must be implemented in every social and public sphere, including the workplace, to allow for a more productive, inclusive and just society.

Therefore, in order to promote full civil and gender equality, we pledge:

  1. To employ an equal amount of men and women
  2. To reduce gender pay gap
  3. To promote women to key positions and to ensure gender sensitive recruitment approach
  4. To promote gender equality on all platforms of our company

We hereby pledge.
metanoia’s management team and staff